Novastar VX16S All-in-1 Controller / Video Processor


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The VX16s is NovaStar’s new all-in-one controller that integrates video processing, video control and LED screen configuration into one unit. Together with NovaStar’s V-Can video control software, it enables richer image mosaic effects and easier operations.

The VX16s supports a variety of video signals, Ultra HD 4K×2K@60Hz image processing and sending capabilities, as well as up to 10,400,000 pixels.

Thanks to its powerful image processing and sending capabilities, the VX16s can be widely used in applications such as stage control systems, conferences, events, exhibitions, high-end rental and fine-pitch displays.

Industry-standard input connectors

− 2x 3G-SDI

− 1x HDMI 2.0

− 4x SL-DVI

16 Ethernet output ports load up to 10,400,000


3 independent layers

− 1x 4K×2K main layer

2x 2K×1K PIPs (PIP 1 and PIP 2)

− Adjustable layer priorities

DVI mosaic

Up to 4 DVI inputs can form an independent

input source, which is DVI Mosaic.

Decimal frame rate supported

Supported frame rates: 23.98 Hz, 29.97 Hz,

47.95 Hz, 59.94 Hz, 71.93 Hz and 119.88 Hz.


Supports 3D display effect on the LED screen.

The device output capacity will be halved after the 3D function is enabled.

Personalized image scaling

Three scaling options are pixel-to-pixel, full screen and custom scaling.

Image mosaic

Up to 4 devices can be linked to load a super

large screen when used together with the video distributor.

Easy device operation and control through VCan

Up to 10 presets can be saved for future use.

EDID management

Custom EDID and standard EDID supported

Device backup design

In backup mode, when the signal is lost or the Ethernet port fails on the primary device, the backup device will take over the task automatically.