NovaStar PSD100 LED Controller


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The NovaStar PSD100 card was a widely used controller in LED Displays manufactured between 2014 and 2018. The Windows CE based card has a known design flaw in which it will randomly stop working. There is no solution for this, and both the NovaStar PSD100 card itself and the NovaStar PlutoManager software were discontinued. The direct replacement card for this is the Android based NovaStar TB2. If your PSD100 had a hub card on it, you will also need to purchase a NovaStar MRV300-1 Receiving Card.

While we do still have some PSD100 available for sale, we do not recommend purchasing them. We are not able to provide more than a 30 day warranty on this product because it WILL have problems. All other NovaStar products have a 3 year warranty.