Novastar J6 Multi-Screen Splicing Processor


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The Novastar J6 Multi-Screen Splicing Processor is the newest high-performance multi-screen splicing processor featuring enhanced image processing. Based on a powerful FPGA processing platform, Novastar J6 supports the quick seamless switch of any input source and supports transition effects such as fade, etc., allowing you to experience more flexible screen layouts. In addition, J6 can work with the new smart management software V-Can to enable more screen splicing effects and better satisfy your needs.

Supports a wide range of video inputs divided into 4 groups with 8 connectors, including 1x
HDMI (or VGA, or DVI), 4x DVI, 2x SDI, and 1x DualLink DVI (or HDMI 1.4, or DP1.1).

  • The input resolution of Input A supports 4Kx2K@30Hz. Other inputs support 1920×1080@60Hz which are downward compatible.
  • Supports 5x outputs, including 4 groups with 8 DVI connectors for splicing output, and 1x HDMI preview output.
  • The preview connector supports preview of PVW, PGM and 8x input signals.
  • Output resolution is settable. The splicing width of 4 channels can be up to 15360×600.
  • Up to 6 windows can be displayed simultaneously and the resolution of each window is up to 7680×1080@60Hz. J6 also supports one OSD of up to 4Kx2K, which can be images or texts.
  • The window position, size, etc. are adjustable, and each window can be added with borders of custom color and widths.
  • Besides the 6 built-in preset templates, up to 16 user presets can be created and saved as templates. All the presets can be used directly and easily.
  • Provides 21 transition effects to enhance and present images with professional quality.
  • An intuitive color LCD on the front panel and clear button indicator lights simplify the system control operations.
  • Supports Genlock synchronization, allowing you to choose any input source or external synchronization signal to achieve vertical synchronization.