NovaStar HDR Master 4K Video Processor



The HDR Master 4K is a video processor converting SDR content into an HDR format. By analyzing the SDR content
and then intelligently filling in the missing information, the HDR Master 4K raises the dynamic range of brightness, color gamut and color depth to HDR standard. With this all-round upgrade, the SDR video source is converted into an HDR10 format which has a wider dynamic range of brightness, more colors and richer bright and dark details.

The HDR Master 4K provides full 4K×2K@60Hz input and output connectors. Based on a pure hardware system
architecture, the HDR Master 4K allows for stable and highly-efficient processing capabilities, output connector
converting, SDI mosaic as well as long-distance optical fiber transmission.

Thanks to the powerful capabilities of receiving a variety of video signals, ultra HD image processing and HDR10
image output, the HDR Master 4K can be widely used in applications such as high-end rental, stage control, finepitch LED screens and video source conversion.