Novastar DH426 LED Receiving Card (16 HUB75E Output)


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2020.4.14 V4.6.3.0 update record
1. Load expansion, PWM IC: 512×384, general IC: 384×384;
Note: LCT5.3.0 must be used with load exceeding 512*256;
1. Does not support fast upload function (supports normal upload and correction acceleration);
2. Does not support chroma correction (supports brightness correction).

2019.12.9 V4.6.1.0 update record
1. Optimize the timing of power-on to remove dead pixels and solve the problem of unsuccessful wireless removal of dead pixels after power-on.
2. Optimize the display effect of SM16359 driver chip and SM5366 decoder chip.
3. Optimize the display function of the dual-latch chip to improve the photo effect.
4. Optimize network communication functions to improve communication stability.

1. Fix the problem of abnormal reading of special-shaped cabinet parameters.
2. Fix the display abnormal problem in the use of Riyuecheng chip.